Alhambra Venture Academy 2023 begins

More than 45 entrepreneurs participated in the inaugural session of the Alhambra Venture Academy, which was developed in blended mode from the Breaker Space of the University of Granada, academic partner of Alhambra Venture.

At the presentation, Ignacio Rodríguez, coordinator and member of the Executive Committee of Alhambra Venture, congratulated the finalist startups and welcomed them to the Academy, a mentoring program to prepare the pitch to investors and face the investment process with guarantees. Highlighting the opportunity to participate in the largest startup investment event in Southern Spain.

The session was attended by Antonio Romero Haupold-Caballero, partner of Sherry Ventures, partner of Alhambra Venture and María del Mar Fuentes, Professor of Business Organization and Director of Entrepreneurship (UGR Emprendedora) of the University of Granada, together with Rocío González, head of the events team of Ideal, Ruth Callejón and María Jesús Gabaldón, Advertising Director of Ideal.
In the sessions that will be held until June 22, the key metrics for startups, how to successfully face the investment process, partners agreement, startup law, startup valuation, due diligence, etc., will be discussed.It will end with a communication workshop and a general pitch rehearsal, with the participation of investors and professionals such as Antonio Romero, Tom Horsey, Rodolfo Carpintier, Ramón Valencia of Dogma-Lecó lawyers, Jerónimo Béjar, Stefan Matesius, Victoria Blanco and Alberto Moratiel, among others.

After the welcome and the explanation of the participation itinerary, the entrepreneurs introduced themselves and briefly described their startup.

Attendees at the Academy's opening session

Attendees at the Academy’s inaugural session during the presentation

In addition to the finalist startups, the startups invited by Andalucía Emprende to participate in Alhambra Venture will also participate in this phase.