Alhambra Venture closes its tenth edition with an explosion of innovation and entrepreneurship

The event reaffirms its importance in the sector with the participation of Beatriz Corredor and Albert Rivera, among many others.

Fresh, innovative and surprising. This was the tenth edition of Alhambra Venture, which gathered more than 1,300 attendees at the Palacio de Congresos and awarded 7 startups whose solutions are extraordinary. Two intense days of current affairs and entrepreneurship with the most important voices of the national ecosystem that have given great insights into the steps that the sector will take in the coming years.

This edition closed with Velca as the main winner, a startup that seeks to solve the environmental problem of fossil fuels and traffic in cities through motorcycles, mopeds and electric bicycles. Its CEO, Emilio Froján, has already put 12 models on the market, with a wide range of contracting options that have already captivated companies such as Burger King, Estrella Galicia, Michelin, KFC or Domino’s.

He, as well as the rest of the finalists, speakers and investors, were able to enjoy a dinner at the Abadía del Sacromonte on the first day. In this idyllic setting there was a lot of networking after a day in which entrepreneurship and leadership, financing, technology, sustainability as a non-negotiable commitment, social value and communication were discussed.

In this sense, the importance of CEOs knowing how to communicate their project to investors was clear. But what’s more, that’s not enough, you also have to be in the media. Because if you don’t appear in the press, you don’t exist, and that is another key that helps startups to get funding.

Not only entrepreneurship was discussed. Because anyone who understands a bit of the ecosystem understands that this is not about a single accurate bullet and the first idea is not usually the winner. Knowing how to reinvent oneself is key, something that Albert Rivera, entrepreneur, managing partner of RV+ and former politician, made very clear. On the stage of the Palacio de Congresos, he made it clear that in this world it is important “to know how to close and leave, as well as how to arrive and succeed with a project. In short, knowing how to make decisions.

Precisely about making decisions to “leave things better than you find them” spoke on the second day Beatriz Corredor, president of REDEIA together with the director of IDEAL, Eduardo Peralta. Corredor addressed the gender gap, but also the technological gap, understanding that “we must create references and be benchmarks. We cannot allow women to feel less competent in jobs that will generate more opportunities in the future”.

Other leading figures such as Pedro Nueno, professor at IESE and founder of the Chinese Business School; Jaime de Mora, general manager of Microsoft for Startups in Western Europe; and Carolina Rodríguez, head of Promotion at Enisa, did not want to miss this edition of Alhambra Venture, held on July 4 and 5.

All winners

The event gave several awards in the different sectors in which the finalist startups participated and all the winners will travel with Sherry Venture to Silicon Valley, in the United States, known as the cradle of entrepreneurship and home of the most important technology companies in the world.

The winners stand out for their innovative solutions that put cutting-edge technology, such as artificial intelligence, at the service of society. Thus, in addition to Velca, the award for the best startup in the Agrofood and water technology sector, sponsored by Puleva, went to SensActive. The best Energy Transition and Circular Economy startup, awarded by Antonio Calvo, Redeia’s Sustainability Director, was Verso.

For its part, the award for the best tourism startup, presented by the delegate of Tourism and Sport, went to Tipsi. The best healthcare startup, delivered from the PTS organization, was VAXDYN. The best technology startup, delivered by Curro Abad de Queraltó, was Bildia. Finally, the award for the best Fintech startup sponsored by CaixaBank, presented by Pedro Navarro, director of DayOne banking in Eastern Andalusia, went to Stemdo.