Alhambra Venture launches free speech round

The startup Visitas Virtuales has premiered this new proposal of Alhambra Venture, a round of ‘free speech’ or free speech that invites entrepreneurs to share their ideas and projects in a maximum of five minutes. It is an opportunity to showcase the benefits of its solutions, as well as a space for startups to get closer to each other.

In addition to this company, focused on 360° tourist discovery and exploration through virtual reality, other companies have also tried their luck in this new section of the congress whose solutions are aimed, for example, at scanning receipts and invoices, such as Recever, designed especially for the self-employed and SMEs.

Thus, more than a dozen different startups have taken advantage of the occasion and participated in this free speech round. All of them with the objective of attracting investment and creating new ties with other companies with which to grow their innovative projects.