Alhambra Venture measures the impact of the X Edition

Alhambra Venture concludes the 10th edition with record figures that consolidate the event as an essential reference in the agenda of entrepreneurship, in which more than 150 startups have had the opportunity to contact more than 300 investors, which undoubtedly confirms the opportunity of an event in which on average there are two investors for each startup.

Throughout July 4 and 5, 1,300 people attended the Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos de Granada to participate in the most important startup investment event in southern Spain, which was also followed by 9,000 connections via streaming.

In the opinion of the participants, Alhambra Venture meets the ideal conditions for the connection between stakeholders. Proof of this is the 682 contacts made through the platform.

After a first analysis of the impact of the event, thanks to the information provided by some of the investors, an investment interest for a value of over 10 million eurosThis figure will undoubtedly be exceeded when the negotiations are successful and we obtain the return from the rest of the investors and startups.

Among the startups that have aroused the interest of investors are Velca, winner of the X Edition, and the award winners Tipsi, Bildia, Sensactive Technologies and Stemdo. The list of startups that the organization has learned of investor interest is completed by Viver Kombucha, Silbo Money,, Dovetail, FitnessKPI, Inthesk, Kikoto,, Silemelife, Tuklo, Voicit, Educa360, Trak, Graniot, Realtrix, Zinkee, Metamedics VR, Thermal Cooling Technology (True Solar Power) and Intelia.

We are grateful for the information provided by funds and investors including Boost Capital partners, Haya RE, Fundalogy, Seedrs (Republic) & Republic Capital, Sabadell Venture Capital, Mondragon, Ibernetic, Aitalentum/ Wannaseed,, The Net Street, Sabadell VC, GoHub Ventures, Pinama Inversiones, AI Talentum, Austral Ventures Gestión, Sherry ventures, Real Yield Sicav, Wayra, Real Yield Sicav, 4FC or Kira Ventures.

Regarding the information provided by the startups, 91.3% say they have had meetings with investors and 34.8% say they have received investment interest from investors, while 47.8% expect to receive investment proposals after the meetings held.