More than a hundred startups from all over the country have applied to participate in the most important entrepreneurship and investment conference in southern Spain.

The tenth edition of the event will be held in person on July 4 and 5 at the Palacio de Congresos de Granada.

Alhambra Venture 2023 is getting closer. The event, which connects the most important entrepreneurs and investors in southern Spain, has selected the 36 startups that will be able to participate as finalists. In this tenth edition, the selected companies come from 11 different provinces, and although more than half are Andalusian, we can also find companies from Murcia, Madrid, Catalonia and Galicia.

Once again, Alhambra Venture brings together innovative startups from a wide variety of sectors: hospitality, fintech, healthcare, agri-food, logistics, construction, telecommunications, mobility, eCommerce, AI or security, among others.

A total of 149 startups have applied for this edition, which will be held on July 4 and 5. As a novelty, startups not selected will be able to participate, benefiting from special conditions for having applied in time and form. The high level of the applications and the commitment to the representativeness of the different areas of southern Spain, has led the organization to increase the initially planned number of selected startups.

The celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Alhambra Venture will be the most special, and will be full of novelties, maintaining the on-site format, with streaming broadcasting. The program includes keynotes, round tables, investor pitches, reverse investor pitches, Corporate Venturing and many other networking opportunities.

At the Palacio de Congresos de Granada, the 30 startups will present their projects in front of more than 300 investors -many of them international-. The objective will be to capture their attention and thus get the funding they need, this year investors will also express their intention to invest, which will result in proposals for the winner and the winning startups in each of the verticals, which will enjoy the opportunity to participate in a specific program for closing investment deals.

Participation in Alhambra Venture is a unique opportunity for startups. The 103 million euros invested in startups thanks to their participation in the event proves it, and 3 out of 4 finalist startups remain in business.

In addition, the selected startups will participate in the Academy, a mentoring program for entrepreneurs that will begin on May 15 with the aim of preparing for participation in the event with maximum guarantees, through mentoring in which investors and professionals from the most strategic areas will participate.

It should also be noted that, in accordance with the commitment made in the previous edition, the awarded startups will be invited to participate in the event, either as finalists, in case they have not enjoyed this status in previous editions, or to participate in the repitch.

Finalist Startups in the Health Sector

This year, the organization has created a specific vertical dedicated to such an important sector as health/healthcare. Six of them were selected from more than thirty projects submitted.


It is a smart patch that administers drugs, such as insulin or heparin, using ultrasound to avoid needles and pain. It is a portable SMARTPATCH and has become the first non-invasive delivery patch for large molecules. It works thanks to a patented ultrasonic system that transforms electrical currents into sound vibrations to temporarily open the pores of the skin to deliver macromolecular drugs.


This project is developing a cancer therapy based on a new proprietary formulation of an oral drug already approved by the FDA. The drug blocks the neurokinin 1 receptor, an unexploited anti-cancer target. They are working with clinical trials of off-label use of the drug that has achieved complete remission in patients with end-stage non-small cell lung cancer. The new formulation allows for a practical and therapeutic dosing regimen. The company currently has a Phase II clinical trial underway.

VAXDYN S.L. Seville

Vaxdyn develops vaccines to prevent diseases caused by bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics. Among its milestones is the first vaccine to prevent serious bacterial infections caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae, which causes 625,000 deaths a year. Thus, it could prevent pneumonias resistant to antibiotic treatment in patients in risk groups, such as those affected by chronic lung diseases, diabetes or undergoing cancer treatment.

LentiStem Biotech

The R&D startup develops therapeutic vectors to improve the safety and efficacy of advanced therapy strategies, with a special focus on cancer immunotherapy and CAR-T therapy. They offer platforms to provide optimal control of the expression of the gene of interest. Thus, they can act in synergy with any advanced therapy strategy to improve their safety and efficacy. Its potential is not only therapeutic, but also biotechnological for the production of toxic molecules on a large scale.


It develops innovative drugs based on melatonin for its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity for application in pathologies such as sepsis, an exaggerated response of the body’s immune system to infection caused by bacteria and viruses. A disease for which there is no treatment and whose death rate is growing by 1.5% per year. The cost per patient for this pathology is estimated at 30 million dollars.

Olavide Neuron STX SL
(ONESTX) Seville

This company aims to halt the progression of severe neurodegenerative diseases with innovative therapeutic solutions. To this end, it is developing an innovative drug for this type of pathology. So far, it has shown very promising activity in animal models of Alzheimer’s disease, being able to extend life expectancy, memory and already demonstrating safety in humans. They are currently seeking funding to enter a clinical trial to slow Alzheimer’s disease.

These are the 30 startups selected from the rest of the sectors to participate in Alhambra Venture 2023

More than 130 projects have been submitted to the tenth edition of Alhambra Venture, these are the 30 projects chosen by the jury:


This deep-tech company specializes in subdermal microelectronic implants, a useful technology with the potential to change healthcare and particularly remote diagnostics. The implants have sensors that measure body temperature and thus give information about the state of health of the person and only need an app to know the temperature.


mSurgery is an interactive, multi-device platform that links different video sources with other medical data for the transfer of knowledge in surgical techniques on a global level. Thus, it creates an immersive experience for surgeons and remote students to receive complete training, including even dynamics from the operating room staff, with full control over the privacy of the recorded sessions or content.


Zero emissions, zero noise. With that goal in mind, the brand of electric two-wheeled vehicles seeks to “revolutionize” the way we move around cities. It currently has a range of 11 models of motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, covering the full range of contracting, from B2B and B2C purchasing to leasing and subscription modalities. It has business in Spain, Portugal and France and has removable batteries with up to 100 km of autonomy and 90 km/h of speed.

Thermal Cooling Techonolgy SL

The startup is an expert in solar energy and unique in thermal energy. Designs, develops and installs integral solutions for energy consumption of the TCT RED type. It consists of an intelligent solar parabola that concentrates sunlight and transforms it into thermal energy. This solar energy can be used for low temperature (<100 C) and medium temperature (<250 C) process heat systems with improved performance.


It is a technology company specialized in neural networks applied to artificial vision. Its Drivox device detects and differentiates pedestrians from objects both in the front and rear of the vehicle, alerting with a visual and audible alert in case of potential collision risk. It is the only platform that unifies industrial safety, fleet and logistics management and production functions in a single system, achieving an increase in productivity reconciled with safety.


It is an all in one POS software, focused on the hospitality sector, in which you can easily manage everything a restaurant needs: delivery, orders, sales, payments, digital menu and much more. The platform helps the hotelier to reduce errors, speed up orders and improve service. It was born after the merger of Miss Tipsi and Foodyt, leaders in hospitality software and present in more than 1,200 restaurants.


Cryptobirds is a collaborative web3 platform that analyzes thousands of blockchain projects through data science and human collaboration, to offer differential information to the cryptoasset investor. The project was born as a collaborative group on Telegram in 2017, where they were analyzing shitcoins projects. After the success and high volume, they decided to create the platform. In 2021 they went as far as launching 10 million units of their new cryptocurrency, XCB, which lasted two minutes.

Dovetail Electric Aviation

The electric aviation company seeks to lead the regional and general aviation industry into a new sustainable era. It allows airlines to fly new commercially viable regional routes with battery and hydrogen electric aircraft. It is the company chosen to convert certain conventional aircraft to electric. It wants to bring the first battery-electric aircraft to market in just three years, enabling a 40% savings in operating costs.


I inthesk I is an object finder that connects your belongings with the free application and helps you find them. This location device, through which you can find your belongings anywhere in the world, has a battery life of up to 36 months and has been certified by Apple to work with Apple Find My, allowing millions of users to locate an inthesk anywhere in the world.

Bildia Madrid and Seville

Bildia is the software and AI ecosystem for the construction supply chain. Bildia uses automation and AI to streamline estimating, procurement and sales between builders, subcontractors, fabricators and resellers, strengthening existing relationships between companies.


It is a SaaS tool that analyzes the reactions of marketing audiences in real time through facial recognition Artificial Intelligence. Analyzes the people who sit in front of audiovisual content. Its AI parameterizes the user’s micro-expressions, creating a detailed frame-by-frame analysis of what the user’s reactions and emotions are in front of that content, in real time.

Sensactive technology S.L.

Innovative biotechnology for monitoring agents of interest in water. Its Water biosense are innovative equipment for detection and monitoring of agents of interest in water, such as microorganisms, offering a comprehensive service that provides environmental, health and water quality solutions of great value to society and a wide market.

Fitness Technologies, S.L.

He works in the design, development and commercialization of a business intelligence to optimize the management of sports centers. They have an AI that monitors more than 150 key performance indicators updated daily. Manage more than 325,000 fitness center users in a fully automated way with all the necessary data at the click of a button, from anywhere and from any device.


They are capable of digitizing a warehouse in record time with forklift-borne equipment, increasing productivity, safety and reducing inventory and inspection times. Its design and management are the key to inventorying merchandise while assessing the condition of the goods. The equipment is loaded onto forklifts and reads barcodes, inspects the condition of the goods and the environment, generating a bank of images of the goods.


It is barely a year old and was created by Skylife Engineering S.L. It is a unique, patented indoor positioning system that does not interfere with other technologies and allows hybridization with other positioning systems. It has a system for locating physical assets in large indoor spaces: hangars, industrial warehouses or logistics centers that can work over long distances and is not affected by the presence of obstacles and does not lose the signal of an object to be located, even in the most complicated metallic environments.

Reental Token

It finds properties below market price and uses technology to allow investors to invest affordable amounts (tickets) for any small saver online with total security and also allowing the investor to have access to their capital (or part of it) at any time at market value. Once the total amount of the property is covered, it is in charge of renovating the property and its management and operation, looking for tenants and buyers. While the investor receives the corresponding dividends for such exploitation.


The technology-based startup develops an energy wind turbine for electric vehicles that provides greater autonomy and reduced operational costs, facilitating the transition from combustion to electric transport. It is a leap into the future of CO2-free and affordable mobility, as it requires fewer recharges for the same journey than a vehicle without the wind turbine.

S.L Jaén

They create patented lightweight recycled cellulose boards. They have bio-pallets for logistics and light, resistant and compact boards for furniture, decoration or advertising. It reduces the carbon footprint, reducing transport weights and consequent diesel fuel consumption. Thus, reducing tree felling, but also improving production costs and handling with lightweight boards.


Tuklo is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides logistics solutions and integrations to its customers, designed to be scalable and flexible. They offer ondemand, last mile and control tower solutions, the latter being a key term in the logistics sector. In addition, the software includes services such as reverse logistics, routing, bulky goods and customer service, controlling all operations along the supply chain.

Viver Kombucha

The Grenadian company is a brand and producer of kombucha, a drink with probiotic properties that is very popular among those who want to take care of their health and is growing at triple digits in the market. The business model consists of distribution in different channels such as retail, horeca and direct web sales, working with very attractive margins and growth capacity. Sold in 33 cl format and glass container.


It seeks to help farmers, technicians and agricultural companies make better data-driven decisions to optimize water use, increase their competitiveness and sustainability. To this end, it offers a simple crop monitoring tool composed of a set of sensors and an application that allows farmers, technicians and cooperatives to visualize when and how much they should irrigate. It has certifications and helps to save water and fertilizers.


The B2B platform offers Talent as a Service and creating offshored STEM employment ecosystems thanks to technology. STEMDO covers the entire value chain, training, employing and connecting companies with technological talent in a digital and efficient way. In this way, it simplifies processes and generates a rich community that interacts with each other.


Educa360 has created a revolutionary system to create 3D virtual classrooms in Virtual Reality environments, configurable and customizable, with adapted contents and registered methodologies. It is part of the Metaverse and works under web 3.0 technology, being accessible from any device. In its first year of life, it has managed to position itself as a benchmark brand in the distribution of technology and services for the educational sector in Spain.


Voicit is the customized automated documentation and advanced information analysis tool for meetings and job interviews. It generates automatic summaries and notes tailored to each use case and meeting type, making conversations more fluid and natural, as attendees can focus on participating. They have also developed Voicit Intelligence, a ChatGPT-inspired technology that speeds up the information search process.


It is a B2B SaaS that helps companies reduce their emissions by promoting sustainable employee mobility. It offers customized incentive programs based on its app, which thanks to gamification allows the company to reward these trips and provide emission reduction data through a control panel. It also helps companies to design a Sustainable Mobility Plan, which is required by different regional laws and will become more and more common.

They sell white label insurance solutions that insurers and brokers ’embed’ on their websites or those of their partners, where end users can purchase their insurance. Thus, they allow any insurance distributor, regardless of its size and technological level, to have a Widget that can be integrated into the purchase process of any other non-insurance product or directly into an app or service website, to reach more customers in a more efficient and profitable way.


This biotechnology company aims to move towards a more sustainable and circular agri-food industry by helping animal production companies feed their animals in a healthier and more sustainable way. Its microbial fermentation technology makes it possible to revalue by-products from the agri-food sector and transform them into a natural ingredient of high protein value for the production of animal feed.


It is the world’s first smart beach operator and has developed SOS Point, an innovative lifesaving device that allows anyone to perform a rescue of up to 3 people in danger of drowning in an easy, fast and safe way. It is a B2B/B2A business in which the main revenue is obtained from the sale of devices to municipalities, beach management licensees, NGOs and private clients, such as hotel chains or beach bars.


Its hardware and software solutions include NEURALIS, a video analysis system powered by a deep learning convolutional neural network that tracks, analyzes and identifies people, detects activities and recognizes objects in real time. The platform analyzes existing videos and live streams, returning specific results for: activities, people and faces, objects and text. It includes management and consulting software for security, productivity and marketing applications that can be located on-premise or in the cloud.

Ukraine, based in Malaga

The Ukrainian company, based in Kiev and now relocated to Malaga, produces 100% biodegradable packaging cultures based on hemp and mycelium, capable of replacing plastic and polystyrene foam. It is a more responsible and sustainable alternative that takes multiple forms: it can be used in decorative elements, containers for plants, conventional packaging and has even been used in fashion shows as a complement for the catwalks.

Startups selected for repitch

The startups awarded in the previous edition will also meet at the Palacio de Congresos de Granada. Thus, according to the commitment made, these startups will be invited to participate in the event, either as finalists – in case they have not enjoyed this status in previous editions – or to participate in the repitch. This is the case of Fossa Systems (winner edition 2022), BeAmbassador (winner HR), Agrosingularity (winner agro-management and water management), LimnoPharma (winner Health), Sistema de Pagos Certificados (winner Fintech), Oscillum (most promising startup) and Wifly (winner Mobility).