Ciclogreen, finalist in Alhambra Venture 2023, offers sustainable solutions for mobility in companies

The startup positions itself as a benchmark in the decarbonization of work transportation and seeks investment to expand globally.

In a world where the winds of change are blowing towards a sustainable future and the reduction of emissions, the Sevillian startup Ciclogreen has been selected as a finalist of Alhambra Venture 2023.

This company, founded in 2016 by Gregorio Magno, has become a benchmark in the decarbonization of labor mobility, offering innovative and effective solutions developed by a multidisciplinary team composed of 12 people.


Magno’s original idea came after being inspired by a U.S. company called Recyclebank, which had succeeded in increasing the recycling rate in several cities through gamification. With this inspiration, the entrepreneur decided to apply the same approach to boost sustainable mobility and founded Ciclogreen.


The project was created as a platform that rewards sustainable commuting with gifts, thus encouraging the fight against climate change and pollution in cities. The motivation of the founding team was to create an innovative business that would not only prosper economically, but also generate a large-scale environmental impact.


Over the years, the business model has evolved and focused on reducing corporate emissions by promoting sustainable mobility to work.

In this way, lhe startup helps companies to design their Sustainable Mobility Plan, complying with regional laws and the new Sustainable Mobility Law, which will come into force this year. In this way, companies can avoid penalties that could amount to up to €50,000.


In addition, Ciclogreen offers a platform based on a corporate application and a control panel, which allows implementing the actions of the mobility plan through a gamified incentive program. For example, one of the most recent, ’30 Days on a Bike Challenge’. This initiative is open to both corporations and universities.

According to the information available on the challenge website, more than 95,000 kilometers have been accumulated and 856 participants have registered, which represents a saving of 66,181 CO2 emissions.

A clear example of how the platform promotes sustainable commuting to work or school, quantifying and reducing emissions generated by transportation.


As its CEO points out, Ciclogreen’sCiclogreen’s target audience is companies with more than 100 employees in at least one of its locations.


“Our success is based on offering a complete solution that goes beyond simply being a technology provider. Thanks to our industry expertise, we stand out for our ability to analyze employee mobility needs and motivations, comply with regulations and offer a comprehensive technology solution,” he adds.


Ciclogreen pedals beyond national borders

Ciclogreen’s trajectory is constantly on the rise. Its presence in the Spanish market is remarkable, collaborating with numerous leading companies. However, its objective is not limited to national borders. Ciclogreen seeks to “keep pedaling” and expand to become a global benchmark in the management and promotion of sustainable mobility in the corporate environment.

Currently, the The company focuses on improving its product and meeting the needs of its customers, based on the continuous feedback they receive. In the long term, Ciclogreen aims to become an integrated sustainable mobility solution recognized worldwide.

Thus, the Ciclogreen’s participation in Alhambra Venture 2023 is an important stop on the way to meeting its objectives. The company itself hopes that this opportunity will allow it to “close an investment round that will accelerate its growth both commercially and in the development of its product, consolidating its position as a reference in the field of sustainable mobility worldwide”.