Jaime de Mora, Managing Director of Microsoft for Startups in Western Europe will participate as a speaker at Alhambra Venture

Microsoft’s strategic bet on startups’ will be the name of the presentation in which Artificial Intelligence as a key element for innovation and the future will be discussed.

The 10th edition of Alhambra Venture is getting closer and the first confirmations already anticipate the presence in Granada of the most important players in the startup ecosystem. This is the case of Jaime de Mora, general manager of Microsoft for Startups in Western Europe, who will participate in the event at the Palacio de Congresos on July 4 and 5.

Microsoft’s presence is a statement of intent: “We want to be closer to entrepreneurs and in the South the ecosystem is very strong. Therefore, we see Alhambra Venture as a potential accelerator for all these startups and we would like to look for some kind of collaboration to support the participating companies”.

Microsoft for Startups is an initiative of the multinational technology company that seeks to support startups in their early stages of growth and has already collaborated with Alhambra Venture in previous editions, thus confirming its commitment. Through the platform, the company offers entrepreneurs access to the latest technology, technical and business support, as well as a global network of contacts and customers.

“Microsoft, as one of the largest technology companies in the world, is aware that it has the ability to empower startups globally, both at a business and technology level, therefore, we are betting heavily so that future unicorns grow from our hand,” says the CEO.

Jaime de Mora has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry, leading a great team to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary tools to meet goals, scale and achieve success.

Prior to joining Microsoft, De Mora worked in several technology companies in different countries. He has also been an active investor and advisor to more than 25 start-ups in Europe, Latin America and the United States. He is also a professor of MBA and Master in Big Data & Analytics at IE.

His passion for entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as his vision of how technology can drive economic and social growth, have led him to lead Microsoft for Startups, a key platform recognized as one of the most complete and successful startup support programs in the market and one of the company’s strategic bets. That is why he believes that “the success of startups is crucial for the future of the technology sector and the economy in general”. De Mora highlights the importance of programs such as Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, where entrepreneurs are provided with tools to “develop and bring to market much faster and innovative solutions”.

In addition, Microsoft also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with potential customers and partners through its global network of contacts, which can be critical to their success.

Artificial Intelligence revolution transforms the startup world

As De Mora points out, “Microsoft has been investing in R&D for years, in disruptive fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Mixed Reality or quantum computing”. One of the latest milestones for Microsoft has been the collaboration established with the company OpenAI to work together in the development of General Artificial Intelligence models on Microsoft Azure.

This confirmation is just the first preview of what will be this X edition of Alhambra Venture, which is in the final stretch of the closing of the call.