Tutellus buys CryptoBirds, finalist of Alhambra Venture 2023

A new success case of Alhambra Venture startups. Last week, it was announced that Tutellus, the Spanish crypto/blockchain company with verticals in training, investment and development of tokenized projects, purchased CryptoBirds. Cryptobirds is an AI-powered blockchain project analytics platform created in 2017, pioneering the union of artificial intelligence and crypto. The Spanish company, of Andalusian origin, enjoys great popularity in Spain and Latin America. Over the last two years, thanks to the development of artificial intelligence algorithms to help its users make better investment decisions, and the emergence of ChatGPT, the company has experienced considerable growth.

Tutellus buys CryptoBirds

The acquisition is part of Tutellus’ strategy to become a business conglomerate. In addition to the purchase of Cryptobirds, the company acquired TurinLabs, a company focused on the development of Web3 infrastructures. The objective is to integrate the capital of other companies into the Tutellus brand. This is the case of FITtoken, a company dedicated to the sports and health industry. Or Zeemgo, specializing in sustainable mobility. Tutellus also informs about the creation of a new company for the provision of professional services.

The Tutellus Group brings together different companies related to training, investment, development, artificial intelligence and others. The Tutellus group is established in 2023 with the goal of becoming a reference brand for crypto/blockchain, tokenization and all the technologies that shape Web3. The company has opened a capital increase so that its community can become part of the Tutellus Group.